School Information System software is to manage Student Data, Family information, Classes, Courses, Registration, Schedule, Teacher, Assets, inventory, store, payable, purchases, payment, and general ledger. Manage Class section, Calculate Student Grades, Student/Teacher Attendance, Class/Course Schedule,
Statistical for grade Reports; Control Books, Buss, Uniforms.
The Software includes information on Inventory, Financial situation [ Payment, Purchases, receipts, Assets …]. Control of inventory assets. The system capability are Multi language, Multi user, Users activity, audit trial, field, Menu, Control security for each user. Interface is in English Mode. User could change the interface to any language required [ Arabic, French …].

Student :

1. Family Data 2. Student Registration 3. Class 4. Section 5. Program [ English, French ] 6. Situation [ Regular, Special … ] 7. Student Card 8. Student Academic Fees 9. Student Class Books 10. Uniforms Required 11. Bus / Driver / Distribution over location 12. Attendance Over Academic Year [ Absent ] 13. Scan Student Picture 14. Scan Family / Student Document


A. Teacher Information B. Teacher Subject Given C. Subject Academic Period D. Teacher Schedule E. Teacher Notes / Student F. Teacher Attendance G. Teacher Monthly Salary


Term Grade

1) Enter Grade Level
  • i. 9-10 Very good
  • ii. 6 – 8 Good
  • iii. 5 – 6 Acceptable
  • iv. 1 – 4 Bad Failed
  • 2) Enter Exam Grade 3) Enter Progress Grade 4) Calculate Term Grade 5) Show Grades Level per class.

    Final Grade

    1) Calculate Final Grade 2) Statistical Report per Lowest Highest grade 3) Draw Pie Chart per grade level 4) Show Grades Level per class.

    Course Grade

    Grade Reports