The United information System is founded in 1990 in the Information Technology industry. The United Information System provides full turnkey solutions with a wide range of software products; mainly in the Business area. Through our history we have a high experience in Preliminary Investigation, System Analysis, designing, Developing, implementing, and maintaining systems in the market local and abroad. Our strength understands our customers rapidly and adopts strategies that work with latest IT technologies. Our Products range from small applications to very sophisticated and large fully integrated systems.

The United information System is a professionally recognized software development company having huge experience in developing custom software development and application development best match to your need and requirements. Our experience expands over many years in Business application; we have expertise in working with a variety of customers from companies to individuals. Our successful assignments with client companies have established our reputation as superior providers of IT solutions.

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1. Software: We have ready packages that could be self installed directly into the customer site {health care system, hotel management system, accounting / inventory, Library, Laboratory, Archive, Travel Agency, and broker insurance system, rent a car}. All systems are complaint with Windows platform (Microsoft windows, windows server…), Multi languages, and Multi users. Software is developed under Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and above using c Sharp, Microsoft SQL, Asp.net and crystal report.
Previous software was written in visual FoxPro and Cobol Language.

2. Computer Consultant: We have a good experience in software/hardware consultation. We achieved a multiple software evaluation for local and international organization in the medical care system. Maintain full study on local hospitals/financial center. Our new scheme is the computer audit; we are going to be a member in the local association for computer audit.

3. Software Customization: We are equipped to develop any software, and modify/tailor the existing packages as required by the customer. Our software team could assist and supervise in software planning, analysis, and implementation.

4. Support: We cares for our clients, we provide online support, training, documentation, maintenance, and documentation for all products. Our team is ready to answer any question regarding implementing the systems, and inform our clients on all updates of all products.

5. Online Support: We provide online support, training, and implementing the systems using team viewer software www.teamviewer.com. Assist and supervise the users in implementing the database.

6. Training: Our support team provides training on full detail information, highlight the major points and features, and answer any question on using the system.

7. Product Documentation: All software has a system and application documentation. A fully detailed document available with each system, it give information on installation, how to enter data, tools, and utility. All documents updates are informed and delivered to the clients.

8. Maintenance: Maintain Software system application installed in the organization with all its functions & features. Provide technical answers, reports on errors occurs, and update the software installed.