Payroll & Human Resources.

Payroll and human resources software is to manage employee information in the organization. Employee record is created based on the occupation, grade kevel, department, branch, and date entered/left. The system includes human resource information from the education level, blood group, dependence, and other administrative information.

Human Resources

A- Employee Personal record B- Minimum/Maximum Employee C- Time Attendance D- Schedule E- Monthly Attendance summary F- Annual leave vacation G- Sick leave H- Vacation I- Holiday J- Warning K- Training L- Personal Loan M- Insurance Information and Claim N- Nssf Claims


1- Main Parameters information 2- Employee information 3- Tax information record 4- Calculation of payroll  Calculate Monthly salary/employee  Print Pay slip  Print Yearly Employee Card  Monthly/Yearly summary Payroll  Contribution to NSSF  Monthly/Yearly NSSF Contribution  List Quarterly/Yearly Tax report  List Yearly NSSF Report  Transfer to accounting