Insurance System is a software that help organization manage Policy information, Claims, Medical Insurance, and accounting system. The system handle information about Clients, Father insurance company, Brokers, Type of policy, Branches, Agents. All types of reports are available, Year to date production, Company Production, Broker Production, Expired Polices, Production per Type of insurance, Financial Reports: Official Journal, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Supplier/Customer Ageing reports, Bank reconciliation, Bills To be collected, and Fixed Assets end year depreciation.

Software Features:

 Policy Information  Claims  Medical Insurance  General Ledger, journal voucher entry.  Payment, office expenses, salaries, rent, other …  Receipt; enter client receipt.  Client bills, distribute monthly bills to be collected.  Assets management, Depreciation.  Financial reports  Multi Company  Multi-Currency [NGN, USD ….]

Policy Type:

1. Fire 2. Theft 3. Medical 4. Motor 5. Contract 6. Hospital 7. Life 8. Theft