Hotel Management System software is to manage in-house guest, reservation, front desk, housekeeping, restaurant, mini bar, production, kitchen recipe, cost per recipe, store, payable, purchases, payment, and general ledger.

Information is based on client data, agent, company, and groups. Manage room reservation as for incoming guests, front office control over rooms, and produce bills as for guests, events, and other. Point of sale for restaurant, mini bar, Laundry and other outlet. Housekeeping, Room Control thru cleaning, repair, renovation, and others.

Stock inventory are controlled by the purchasing, store requisition, stock issue, and other Department consumption. Stock card, inventory balance, daily, monthly and yearly information shows all the movement of items among the hotel. Cost control among all departments mainly in the kitchen.

The Financial department controls the Account Receivable, Account Payable, Inventory, and Control Of check, Print Bills, and Fixed Assets. All type of financial reports are Official Journal, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Supplier/Customer Ageing reports, Bank reconciliation, and end year assets depreciation. Cost control thru all departments.